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TraffiCAD 2012 Benefits

Intuitively Easy to Use

Research shows that people respond better to things they know.  Recent market trends show that people are familiar and comfortable with Windows.

TraffiCAD is a Windows-based sign design and production software that has been on the market since 1993. Standard Windows shortcut keys and compatibilities have been a part of TraffiCAD since the beginning,  State, county, and city DOT's have voted TraffiCAD the most user friendly traffic sign making software. "TraffiCAD is like using your favorite Windows graphic software."


TraffiCAD 2012 is designed with maximum flexibility to setup and drive multiple output devices. Time-saving software features such as Power Weed, Stacked Copies, Automatic Text Replacement for multiple Badges, and Multiple Arrays, are just a few of the easy-to-use features of TraffiCAD 2012.

TraffiCAD 2012 is truly the most productive Windows-based traffic signmaking software available.

Compatibility means Flexibility

TraffiCAD 2012 easily transfers files to and from popular CAD programs such as AutoCAD™ and Micro Station™. File type compatibility includes:

Adobe Illustrator Files (.ai)
Bitmap Files (.bmp / .dib)
Corel Files (.cmf / .cmx)
Corel 3 PRN Files (.prn)
Design CAD Files (.dc2 / .dcx)
Graphic CAD (.dwg)
AutoCAD (.dxf)
Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)
G-Code (.gc1 / .gc2 / .gc3)
Letter Art Files (.gtp / .sym)
JEPG Images (.jpg)
Photo CD Images (.pcd)
PCX Files (.pcx)
HPGL Plot Files (.plt)
Grafix Advantage v.6  (.gca / .plt)

Targa Image Files (.tga)
TIFF Images (.tif)
Thermazone Files (.thz)
Sign Studio Drawing Files (.ve)
Word Perfect Graphics (.wpg)
Windows Metafiles (.wmf)
CasMate Files (.scv)
Dahedi Files (.dah)
SignMate Files (.sm)
FlexiSign Files (.fs/.pd/.fd/.fc/.fe/.di)
EuroCut Files (.job)
Easy Sign Files (.esw)
Enhanced Metafiles (.emf)
Generic CAD Files (.dwg)
Sign Blazer v. 1 (.sbd / .sb1)