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TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9

TraffiCAD has been a rock solid traffic sign making product for over 12 years. Since being the first Windows-based signmaking software specifically designed for traffic signmaking production, TraffiCAD 2012 has performed over the last 5 years as a stable production software. We are proud to announce the release of TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9. This product offering delivers the latest sign design tools engineered to perform on today’s most current operating systems, and yet is as easy to use as your old versions of TraffiCAD.

New Features in TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9 

  • Cut Preview: Eliminate guesswork and save big on wasted material.  The new cut preview displays the graphic exactly as it will be cut before you send it to your cutter.
  • Block Nesting:  The new Block Nesting feature grabs all of the objects within your design and squeezes them into as small an area as possible.
  • Tool Tracker: TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9 new features a tool tracker that enables the user to keep track of the distance the knife travels and can prompt the user to inspect the blade for wear.
  • Cut Time Estimator:  Version 9’s new cutting technology also features an estimation tool that calculates the distance to be cut by the speed of the cutter.  With this feature, you can move on to other tasks while your machine is working and you will know then the job is due to be finished.
  • Improved Import & Export Filters:  improvements to the EPS imports and export filters as well as the addition of new filters including JPG and PDF files make TraffiCAD more versatile than ever.
  • Multi Cut passes for Thick Materials:  Version 9 can be setup so that the cutter runs multiple cutter passes over the same shape.  For thick and tough materials that can increase the production capabilities of you shop.
  • PDF Workflows: Link, publish, import and edit PDF files in TraffiCAD.
  • Text Underline:  Underline text as easy as changing the font size.
  • Selection Tool: Version 9’s flexible new selection tool allows the user to select an object by either clicking the objects outline OR fill.  Additionally, a new border highlights the selected object, making working with small or complex objects much easier!
  • Dockable Tool Bars:  TraffiCAD’s new dockable tool bars let you position your tools anywhere you want.
  • Smart Bar:  TraffiCAD’s new “Smart Bar” is a dynamic area on the TraffiCAD screen that replaces clumky dialog boxes that clutter up the workspace.  With “Smart Bar” you can adjust the properties of various effects and see them happen live – a smarter way to work!
  • Hot Previews:  With Hot Previews, you can see a “ghost” image of the modified graphic in real time, saving time and eliminating guesswork.
  • Handles:  New to TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9 are onscreen “handles” for precise manipulation of borders, outlines, arched text, etc.  Graphics can now be manipulated by hand as opposed to numerically.
  • Instant Replay:  Instant Replay is a special function that essentially records all of the operations performed during a design stage (outlines, text arching, scaling, etc) and makes the exact same effects available to be applies to other objects, automatically reapply to an object that is changed.
  • Multi Text Selection: Sweep select several individual pieces of text and modify them as you like – all at the same time.
  • Parametric Shapes: The new shape drawing tools give you complete control over height, width, number of points, etc.  Even better, Version 9 allows you to return to the original drawing state simply by double clicking, giving you total control, even in the late stages of design.
  • Ginsu Knife:  Dissect any object at lightning speed with the new Ginsu Knife tool, a great addition to TraffiCAD’s outstanding array of vector editing tools.