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Technical Support & Downloads

Trouble loading TraffiCAD on your Windows XP system? The security device (dongle) driver needs to be updated to the most current version. Click on the TraffiCAD logo to the left to download the HASP device driver installation file. After the file is unzipped, running the executable will load the most current security device (dongle) driver onto your system, and TraffiCAD will function properly.

Tech Support Request Form

We will make every effort to support you with your TraffiCAD needs. Please fill out the tech support information form below and give us a call at 800-990-0945. We will address your problems as soon as possible. We thank you for your business and your support!

Upgrade to TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9 Today!

Upgrading to TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9 will provide you with the latest 32-bit architecture, a simple easy-to-use installation routine, faster processing graphics, and a new professional look! Click here for more information on TraffiCAD 2012 Version 9!

Contact us for more information on upgrading to TraffiCAD 2012.