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EasyVu Fonts

TraffiCAD 2012 Now Has EasyVu Fonts!

Built to the specifications released by the FHWA, the EasyVu TCAD fonts are precise matches to the listed specifications.  The entire 13 EasyVu fonts are available for use exclusively in TraffiCAD.  

The EasyVu TCAD fonts are included in the upgrade to TraffiCAD 2012 version 9, or you can get the entire EasyVu TCAD library added to your existing package of TraffiCAD for only $250.

The EasyVu TCAD fonts include:

  • EasyVu TCAD 1B
  • EasyVu TCAD 2B
  • EasyVu TCAD 3B
  • EasyVu TCAD 4B
  • EasyVu TCAD 5B
  • EasyVu TCAD 6B
  • EasyVu TCAD 1W
  • EasyVu TCAD 2W
  • EasyVu TCAD 3W
  • EasyVu TCAD 4W
  • EasyVu TCAD 5W
  • EasyVu TCAD 5WR
  • EasyVu TCAD 6W

Each font includes all 80 characters listed in the FHWA specification with exact shapes and spacing.

The EasyVu fonts were developed as a result of a research program aimed at increasing the legibility and recognition of road sign legends.  The primary goal was to reduce the effects of halation (or overglow) for older drivers and drivers with reduced contrast sensitivity, when letters are displayed using high brightness retroreflective materials.   

The EasyVu TCAD fonts were developed from the corrected technical information provided by the specifications releases by the FHWA, September 2, 2004.