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Retro MUTCD Requirements


TraffiCAD now offers an optional suite of tools for the collection and management of asset data (developed by Linetech Design & Mfg. Ltd. (see
See a demo of AssetTracker2 at

The following tools make up the TraffiCAD Asset Management Solution:

AssetTracker2 sign tracking system – a PDA-based solution that uses the MUTCD as a guide for the collection, organization, and presentation of all relevant sign data. Automated forms and integrated GPS, bar code scanner, and camera make it quick and easy to add new signs with additional components for verifying and inspecting signs with little time and effort. 

The rugged PDA saves time by eliminating manual data entry in the field. The self -guided form reduces user error by confirming all necessary information exists before moving to the next sign.  Additional hardware can further automate inspection and maintenance with optional devices for measuring sign retro-reflectivity.

With a completely automated download process using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, getting data from collection devices to a computer requires little effort. Once downloaded, data can be used in any number of ways from specific details presented in an Excel spreadsheet to visual details presented in ArcGIS. Data can also be exported into third party applications including Google Earth and Microsoft MapPoint. Additional custom formats can be added to support other applications or for integration with an internal proprietary system or software.

Asset Tracker – a PDA-based solution that uses a library of templates for the collection, organization, and presentation of any and all relevant asset data (light signals, water hydrants, etc.).  While generic templates are available, custom templates unlock the true potential of Asset Tracker. Custom templates allow information that may be specific to a single organization to be included without the expense of additional development or manual processing.

Similar to the AssetTracker2 sign tracking system, Asset Tracker uses a PDA with integrated GPS for the collection of asset data. 




TCAD sign tracking-Mod1

Trimble LC* w/built in GPS and camera (ruggedized and waterfast)


*Optional Bar Code Reader


Additional modules for asset collection


Asset Tracker System Fee

For users who have multiple
PDAs and multiple users
- One year system support
- Generic web portal (1 year)
- License for 3-5 computers
- Software upgrades for 1 year
- Additional modules for only



Custom Web Portal

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Import Current Sign Data

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Web Portal

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